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Gem by Personna - Gem 3 Facet Steel Back Single Edge Dispenser 100

Item # 62-0330-0000

When it comes to catheter and IC processing blades, Gem by Personna is the world leader. If precision, sharpness and safety are important in your catheter cutting or clean room operation and in your industrial blades, choose Gem by Personna. Personna blades provide better sharpness no matter what catheter material you are processing. Reach for Personna, the best Industrial blades in the business. 


Dispenser Options

  • 3 Facet Blade made in USA
  • Steel Back
  • Degreased, Uncoated blade
  • Safety Dispenser pushes blades out backing first for safety
  • On board used blade storage



Call 1-800-336-4061 to order
Product Packaging Specifications
100 Blades per dispenser 50 Dispensers per Case
Tags: medical device processing, catheter cutting, clean room, GEM, safety dispenser, 10 pack